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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who's Under the Bed by Ayelet Nathaniel


      I think all children at some point have the same fear of what could be under the bed. A fear of being left alone in the dark.  For a lot of children, there is the fear of monsters under the bed.  In this book we find a great story about a small monster at bed. He is sharing with his mom about feeling afraid. He is scared that there might be a child under the bed. 

      He continues to want his mom to stay and feels sure she will keep him safe. As mom tries to convince him that a child is probably nice, he starts to feel secure. He finally realizes that a child might be just like him. He finally allows mom to leave the room knowing that if a child is like him, he'll be ok.

This is a cute book, and would be great to share with any child who is going through the fear of the dark, or of monsters. The illustrations are great. They are bold, bright colors and help to bring the story to life.  

You can find out more about this book and more at the author's website at

You can purchase this book on amazon at Who's Under the Bed

Disclosure: I received the ebook copy of this book in order to do the review. No other compensation was received. My reviews are always honest and are my own.


  1. So cute :) When I was growing up, I was also afraid to look under the bed lest the monster gets out and eat me! haha silly now but kids can really be very scared especially if the adults don't ease their fears. This book is sure to be a nice one for the kids :)

  2. This book sounds so cute! My granddaughter always had to have a whoever was ticking her in "peek under the bed" to let her know it was safe to sleep :) This sounds like a great twist on the monster under the bed for kids & adults!

  3. What an interesting angle to take with this. I love the idea!

  4. I need this for my four year year old!!

  5. My kids love to read new stories. This sounds like a really cute addition to bedtime reading. Thanks for such a nice review.

  6. I like this idea. I was never afraid of monsters (I knew they weren't real), but I was always afraid of men hiding under my bed. I have no idea what the psychological significance is of that, but yeah... Anyway, I like the twist on this story. So cute!

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