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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Man in the Box by Andrew Toy (Book Tour)

      This is one of the most creative books I've had the pleasure of reading lately. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it really opened my eyes to a different style of reading. Normally, I am drawn to a more "real-life" type of book. What I found though by reading this book is that it was an escape from the norm which was convenient because that's where the book takes us. An escape from our life into the unknown.
       The story starts out as Robbie loses his job. We see the turmoil and stress this causes him, and his fears of how it will effect his family and their well being. He wants things to be an easy fix, and not worry about finding work, so he takes the advice from a co-worker. This advice isn't exactly legal, and when he's almost caught, he finds himself hiding out in a cardboard box. This is where his real story begins.
      When he gets in the box, Robbie finds himself in a cave in a transformed world. People and creatures seem to know who he is. He is completely confused and afraid, but at the same time intrigued with this land. The people there see him as a king and their leader. He has control there.
      When he wakes from his "dream", he is in the office and has no idea if what just happened is real.
He takes the box home with him and slowly begins making the box his place of comfort and escape. He finds himself preferring being in the box rather than being with his family. We learn how the land came to be from his creation of imaginary childhood friends. As scary as this other life is, it is also a security place he feels drawn to. When he finally makes the decision to get rid of the  box, that's when the dangers really begin. The "box" life starts to make it's way into his "real" life. Trouble starts to come as creatures use the box to enter home. When his family is threatened he also finds out co-workers of his have had the same experiences. They each are finding their own lands. Robbie realizes he must do whatever it takes to protect the family he has finally remembered to love.
      I can't give away the end, so you will just have to read the book for yourself and see  what happens. I will say it is a great ending!
      This book is full of great descriptions, adventures and interest. It is very well-written and kept my attention throughout. My son has already shown interest in reading it next! I highly recommend this book. Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to have a life so far from our normal life. In this book we are given that opportunity to experience that. A great escape and a great read!

About Andrew Toy: 
Andrew Toy lives with his wife and dachshunds in Louisville, KY. He is currently editing books of nearly every genre and is a writing coach for aspiring authors. He and his wife are trying to adopt their first child, and he is using the means of writing and editing to accomplish the goal of enlarging his family. Check out some more of his writing and upcoming books on his popular blog:

The Man in the Box
Book Synopsis:
Work provided Robbie Lake the perfect escape from his family. But his life is turned upside down when he is unexpectedly fired. When he finds a new way of escape through a cardboard box, everything changes. The imaginary world of his childhood has evolved in his absence and is now more savage and hostile than even he could have dreamed. Robbie is drawn in by the excitement of his secret world, but will the cost of abandoning his family prove too high?

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Disclosure: I was provided only with the ebook to complete this review. My review is my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.


  1. This book sounds very interesting. I am always in ah when someone has this great of imagination and puts it down on paper! Thanks for the review..

  2. Sounds like a great read, I will pass the info on to the reader of the family. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for the great review of my book! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And to your readers - Thank you for stopping by this wonderful blog and letting me invade for a post. I hope you get the chance to check out The Man in the Box and continue passing it on to friends and family.

  4. Thanks for the compliment Andrew! I was so thankful to be a part of this! Can't wait to read more of your books.

  5. Sounds like a real winner. I'll definitely be putting it on my wish list.

  6. That is definitely a unique story, I like to read things that are captivating and make you think outside the box.

  7. My so would probably love this book. A good story line that is a fresh new idea is hard to come by it seems these days. Way to go, Andrew! Looking forward to what other interesting creations you put to paper. Prayers for open doors to adopting a child too...I hope all works out for you and your wife to make that dream a reality. :)

  8. This books sound intriguing and you left me wanting hear what happens next! Great post.

  9. What a well written review! And such an interesting book!

  10. lol for some reason I really like the cover of this book! I love books that provide you with an escape from the norm.

  11. Thanks for sharing this review. It makes me want to read it!


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