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Monday, October 28, 2013

"Beloved” iPad Mini Giveaway from Robin Lee Hatcher!

This will be a great Giveaway! You can come back on Nov 4th for my full review of the book!

Robin Lee Hatcher is celebrating the release of her latest novel, Belovedwith an iPad Mini giveaway! 
  One winner will receive:
  • An iPad Mini
  • Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher
Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on November 15th. Winner will be announced November 16th at Robin's blog.

Don't miss a moment of the fun; enter today and be sure to stop by Robin's blog on the 16th to see if you won. (Or, better yet, subscribe to her blog and have the winner announcement delivered to your inbox!)!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

EatSmart Scale Review and Giveaway!

The EatSmart Bathroom Scale is an innovative product designed to help keep accurate track of your weight loss journey.  This scale not only keeps track of your current weight, but also your percentage of weight change from the previous weigh in, and also the total change from your first weigh in.

You can have up to 8 people's weight saved in the program where it's easy to find your personal one. No more writing down your weight tracking. It's all done for you!

The LCD display is designed to give you a clear and instant picture of your weight. It is easy to read and a great motivation on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I have enjoyed using my scale and learning about the different facets of the program. You can see the LCD lighted area (with weight covered for my benefit!) I have always hated keeping record of my weight because I would write it down to later discover I had lost the paper. What a thrill to find EatSmart products!

I love being able to watch the weight go down not only in pounds, but in percentage which is new for me to track. The EatSmart product is durable, and works great! I'm impressed with the accuracy of the program and look forward to continuing using this wonderful product. 
Follow their blog at
Now is your turn for a chance to win a scale for yourself in the giveaway!

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Healthy Chocolate Treats??

A great campaign, won't you join in helping out?!

Do you love chocolate? That's almost like asking if the sky is blue for the majority of you, right? I'm a huge fan of chocolate or candy in general. Most chocolate is full of nasty chemicals and preservatives, and just isn't good for you. 
Introducing sweetriot, the yummy, innovative, healthy, guiltless dark chocolate treats that are creating a movement to make a difference in the lives of farmers, artists, and in the fair trade, organic, healthy eating movement.  sweetriot supports Fair Trade and sourcing exclusively with their Latin American amigos, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade. 
And sweetriot treats are irresistible.  At only 140 calories and 3 Weight Watchers Points, you can't say no.  Now sweetriot is working to create a 100 calorie product line and they need our help developing their delectable treats through their IndieGoGo campaign.  Looking to raise $50,000, sweetriot offers donors an array of yummy gifts, including a year's supply of chocolate, an NYC trip, a trip to the cacao farm, and more!  
So come riot and help artists, fair trade farmers, and the expansion of sweet treats become an irresistible, insatiable reality. You'll reap an abundance of delectable rewards:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer

For the Amish faith, joining the military is just not something that is done. When Jonathan, the man Rose loves, returns from serving as a Medic in World War II, she breaks things off. She is concerned with how the Bishop will react and is also not sure how she feels herself.
To Rose's complete surprise, the nightmares that have been disrupting her sleep lately turn out to have some truth to them. Rose finds out that she was born English. Her family was unable to provide properly for her and sent her to live with the Amish family that has been the family Rose has always loved.
How will this newfound knowledge affect her relationships with her Amish family, and Jonathan? Life is about to change in ways Rose never imagined.


I'll start by saying I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars! I loved the idea of the story. What would happen if we discovered our lives were not what they should have been? It's hard to imagine, but how much more difficult would it be for it to have actually happened?
It's intriguing to discover how Rose deals with this and the emotions involved. Her Amish family along with  Jonathan try and help her to rely on her faith throughout her struggles. That is an encouragement to me and I'm sure will be for others reading Rose's story.
I loved the creative ways the author brought people into Rose's life at just the right moment. Finding out the meaning of the title was exciting for me. It was a clever and unique situation which you learn about later in the book.

Except for a rest to eat, I finished this book in one sitting! I just couldn't put it down! It's a somewhat shorter book which made it easier, but it was the star quality of the book that kept me glued to the story.
I was invested in each character and the wonderfully drafted storyline that I couldn't let it go.

You can learn more about the author at
Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

Disclosure: I received a print copy of the book from booksneeze in exchange for an honest review. My reviews are always honest and my own opinion. My views may differ from others.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Caring Cross

What a blessing to be a part of sharing the story of the Caring Cross with all my readers. The Caring Crosses are carved from a unique grained olive wood from olive trees in Bethlehem. Christians originally made these for pilgrims and then tourists visiting the Holy Land. Buying these crosses helps to support the craftsmen working on them. They receive a good price which supports their family and the Christian community of Bethlehem.

Here are some pictures showing the work and creativity in the design of the crosses. You can see the amazing detailed work that is put into each individual cross.

 The cross is beautiful. It is very smooth to the touch and fits perfectly in your hand. The cross would be a wonderful gift for someone for anything from needing comfort through illness, graduations,Christmas,baptism, or really anything. I can't wait to share one with a family member for Christmas.

You can also buy these individual crosses for a fundraiser for a church or youth program. What a great and unique way to get the message of Christ out to the world.

You can find the crosses on amazon, ebay, or

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Pim great opportunity for the Holiday Season

Some of you know Little Pim.  They're a foreign language learning company that introduces children between the ages of 0 and 5 to a foreign language using DVDs, music CDs, flashcards, and books.
As the holidays approach, Little Pim is hosting a Kickstarter to raise funds and create a holiday e-book that will take Little Pim the panda on a journey around the world.  Little Pim will travel, learn new languages, and sample yummy holiday treats in Mexico, China, France, and Brazil.

It's a great way to introduce your little one to the joys of travel, adventure, language learning, and cultural holiday traditions.
Little Pim wants you to be involved.  In hosting a Kickstarter campaign, Little Pim doesn't get to keep any of the money donated unless their full goal is raised.  With every donation, you receive a reward.

Rewards range from your name in the Thank You section of the book ($1), to your own e-book ($10), a panda plush ($25), Little Pim product ($100), your child's photo featured in the back of the book ($300), and your child being drawn into the book as a character ($1,000)!
Definitely consider donating to a holiday e-book adventure that is sure to become a family holiday tradition.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Healing Grace by Beth Shriver

Healing Grace is book 3 in the Touch of grace series by Beth Shriver. In this book, we are taken on a journey of finding out whether or not love can overcome differences.

Abby is an Englisher who has a hard family life. It's been just her and her Dad since her mom died. Her dad is a rough man who isn't very good at healthy communication with Abby. Abby loves her horse and taking care of her.  In an accident involving her horse, Abby meets Mose.

Mose is an Amish man strong in his faith. He cares for horses and is the one Abby comes to when her horse isn't healing. They begin a friendship when Mose agrees to keep her horse and care for her.
Due to some difficult circumstances, Abby finds herself with no place to live. Mose brings her home to stay with his family. Although Abby and Mose have huge differences to work through, they find themselves drawn to each other. Abby feels secure in the Amish community although she isn't secure in her faith like the Amish are. What they must discover is where life is taking them, and if they have a chance to live life together.

I thought this was an amazing story. In most Amish books you don't find this kind of relationship encouraged, so it was interesting to see. It's a great example of how differences can actually help bring people to a common life, and showing that by communication and shared interests you can mold lives to bring change in the differences.

I loved the development of the characters. I felt there was great depth to each one and made me feel invested in their story. The storyline of acknowledging differences and being considerate of those differences made for a realistic look into their lives and those around them.

I would definitely recommend this book and I'm sure will be reading it again! You can find a copy for yourself at
Find out more about Beth Shriver and her wonderful collection of books at

Disclosure: I received a print copy of the book in order to do my review. My reviews are always my honest opinion and may differ from others.

Glass Dharma review and giveaway!

Glass Dharma has been producing glass straws since 2007 when they realized the negative affect plastic straws were having on the environment. Since then, they have sold over 200,000 straws so far. They have a goal of 6 million straws!

The straws are made from borosilicate tubing and are very strong.  This allows you to be confident of your straws not breaking easily. Glass Dharma also assures customers that by using glass instead of plastic, you are keeping toxins out of your body

With the high amount of plastic straws being used at restaurants, Glass Dharma has a mission to share their knowledge and teach people that by using a glass straw you are helping raise awareness of overuse of plastic.
Here's a video courtesy of youtube where you can see the difference they are so proud of.

I was curious about how the glass straws would work. I like using straws but don't ever buy them. Now I don't have to worry, I will always have one available!

I have already used my straw and love it. It does take a little getting used to with the feel of it and hardness compared to plastic, but I am happy with it! It is dishwasher safe, and works well with both hot and cold drinks. There are many different types of straws available with different sizes and some with colorful dots to make them extra special.

For normal orders, the straws come in individual packaging in order to help reduce the need for excess packing. This also helps with the environment. They don't automatically come with a cleaning brush. Those are ordered separately. Mine arrived all together for review purposes.

Enjoying an ice tea on a warm day doing my part to help lower the number of plastic straws used!

You can learn more about Glass Dharma by following them on Twitter and Facebook
They also have a blog with more details at

Now it's your turn for a chance to win! 

Disclosure: I received 2 straws and a cleaning brush in exchange for an honest review. My opinions may differ from yours.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Great Comedians Mark and Marlo!

Mark and Marlo are a married couple who work together to bring smiles and laughter to the people they come in contact with! They both are comedians who engage their audience in ways you don't see coming. With over 20 years experience, they know what works. As clean comedians you can be confident your whole family will enjoy the show!

They provide a show that  can tailor to your needs. Not only do they juggle, their are wild stunts performed which will amaze you at every turn.

Recently Mark and Marlo were on the David Letterman show doing Stupid Human Tricks. I have always loved the crazy things people do, and they did not disappoint! What a thrill to watch. I couldn't imagine how it was done without being painful. Watch and see what I mean!

I was impressed with the show, but also the way they handled themselves on Letterman, and the fact that they provide clean entertainment.

Find them on the web at
Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get all the current information

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this review. My reviews are always honest and shared because I think my readers will enjoy the topics.

Little Pim Foreign Language Program Review and Giveaway!

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide, I was given the opportunity to review the Little Pim program. This is a great foreign language program geared toward children up to age 5.  There are many different languages to choose from. The program I chose to review was French. Through the program you have the chance to learn 180 basic words and phrases related to real life situations for children.
The Discovery Set comes with 3 videos (playtime, wake up smiling, and eating/drinking). You also get a plush panda and a poster where it shows how to say Hello in a variety of languages.
The videos are set up in 7 episodes broken down into 5 min intervals. This is great because it works with the knowledge that at the younger ages, attention isn't as long as older children.  The videos are full of color which is the first draw into the video. They use not only a cartoon look, but add in real children showing and using the exact things talked about. Kids love to see other kids doing something, and it makes them want to join in. By allowing them to watch kids their own age while hearing the language, they are able to create a relationship with the language and scene.
For example, on the eating and drinking video, it will show the word for apple. They repeat the word in French and English, while looking at the apple, then the child on the video eats the apple. It definitely made me want an apple, it also clarifies the word to the object which is very important when learning a new language.
From the different programs I've seen, I feel Little Pim is high on my list of recommended programs.
A wonderful program for your young child, but works great for any age wanting a clear and easy way to learn a new language! The Spanish, French and Chinese programs also available at your local Toys R Us stores!
***For being a special reader of Lost Island of Book Reviews, right now, you can receive 20% off all products bought off of the Little Pim website with this code: LPHOLIDAY. 

Now it's your turn for a chance to win a 3 pac of the language program of your choice!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Join us in helping HEARTS Education Foundation win a car!

What a great opportunity to help in the goals of helping children to fight health issues and get focused on living healthy lifestyles! By helping them win a car, it would allow them to continue to support families and provide music, language and fitness programs.

Health Environmental Artistic Resource Training Services (H.E.A.R.T.S.) Education Foundation

We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation created to serve and facilitate in the development of children and youth, with goals of reaching out to surrounding neighborhoods with effective programs to empower their community. Presenting Moving and Improving

An Early Childhood and Special Needs Initiative to help children:

1. Reduce risk factors for disease, disabilities, disorders and disadvantages 2. Strengthen social emotional and behavior skills and abilities 3. Develop a stronger foundation of strength, balance, endurance and character, confidence and coordination

Childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, behavior disorders, economic disadvantages and learning disabilities like Autism and ADHD are rapidly rising along with the costs of treating these disorders. These problems and costs are significantly higher where poverty is prevalent. With the majority of brain development, attitudes, habits and fundamental skills being developed in the first five years of life, it makes sense to strategically address and take measures to build a stronger foundation for learning, performing and communication skills in all children

HEARTS Education Foundation Is One of 250 Finalists for Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program HEARTS Education Foundation is proud to announce we’ve been selected as a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program. Now we need your support! Vote for Moving and Improving at on 11/1/2013. The new Toyota will help us provide high quality fitness, music and language training programs for over 200 disadvantaged preschool children each month in Summit and Jefferson Counties of CO. 

Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program will award 100 vehicles over the course of 50 days to 100 deserving nonprofit organizations based on votes from the public. Winning organizations will use the Toyota vehicles to help expand their reach and missions within their communities. Please support HEARTS Education Foundation on 11/1/2013. Voting will take place

Please vote for us in this Facebook campaign on November 1st. Right now you can go and click the Sports and Recreation tab. Then scroll down to HEARTS Education Foundation – Evergreen CO and click the Remind Me tab, so you’ll remember to vote for us to win on November 1. For more information or call Scott Liebler at 303-902-4985.

Help hundreds of economically disadvantaged and at risk children!! YOU can help over 200 disadvantaged preschool children gain more skills and abilities this year by casting a vote for the HEARTS Education Foundation’s - Moving and Improving program. All we need is your vote on 11/1/2013 to win a new Toyota.  

Help spread the word and get them more votes by sharing on all your social media!! Here are a few suggested tweets to help you get started!!

Support HEARTS Education Foundation by voting as we compete for a new vehicle in Toyota #100Cars program!


Please cast your #Toyota #100Cars vote today for HEARTS Education Foundation

*Note: By using the #Toyota and #100Cars hashtags you increase your opportunity for visibility beyond your follows by those searching for or following these specific hashtags. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Designer Handbag Giveaway with 2 prizes!

What a perfect giveaway as we move into the holiday season! Enter for a chance to win one!

                           Voyager Event 2603  Read the full review by Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou. Check out this beautiful line of amazing designer handbags! Elizabeth Scovil has quite a gift for style and luxury when it comes to her handbags as well as a flair for the creative and practical needs of her customers. When you visit her website, you'll soon see for yourselves just why I couldn't resist the delicious color schemes and patterns her products are made of. You can also stop by and visit her cozy shop to see them first hand at 2941 Staten Road, Orlando FL 32804. Please call ahead if you plan to stop by to make sure Elizabeth is available to assist you. Phone 407-947-5006.

Voyager Event 2586
Elizabeth has an original stitching technique that is the only one of its kind in all the USA. She has perfected her craft in such a way that each customer knows the bags were made with great care and individuality with the puckered stitching on the fabric. Her line of products have great charm and personality and they will soon become a fan favorite everywhere! 11111381169_615719898450448_1628494386_n I was lucky enough to be blessed with a chance to review one of her gorgeous medium sized tote bags! Bag size is approx 13x14 with 6 large interior pockets. These bags are made of material with a scrumptious feel to it. The medium tote has many uses. It is beautiful and classy enough to wear as your purse for daily use, going out on the town with the hubby, or versatile enough to be used as a beach bag when on vacation. They retail for $80. 1381674_615718721783899_2055384493_n There is also a loop of fabric installed inside the top lip of the tote bag with a keyring on the end for attaching your keys, or other small items that might be handy to keep close. I strongly recommend following Elizabeth Scovil on all her social media channels. You never know when she might be holding a giveaway or running a sale on merchandise. She is creating new products for the future too, so you can stay in the loop for the launch of any new items. Follow on Facebook Follow on Twitter Follow on Pinterest Overall, I give the Elizabeth Scovil collection of designer handbags a big 5 out of 5 stars for class, creativity, uniqueness, high quality craftsmanship, gorgeous patterns, and great practical uses in a variety of ways. Love them! Visit and purchase one of these stunning handbags for yourself, a family member, or friend. They make terrific gifts - especially with the holidays quickly approaching.


1381169_615719898450448_1628494386_n Now here's another way to get an Elizabeth Scovil Designer Handbag of your very own! You have an even greater chance to win in the giveaway below because Elizabeth has generously offered to give away not one bag but two! Prize: Two winners will each receive a medium tote like the one I reviewed above! $80 retail value! (Total value of prizes in this giveaway are $160! Each winner receiving one handbag.) Date: 10/05/2013 at 12:01am to 10/19/2013 at 12:01am. Location: Open to residents in the USA. Age: 18 yrs of age or older to enter. Void where prohibited. Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below. You must complete the first mandatory entry and then you can complete each additional optional entry. The more you entries you submit, the higher your chances of winning. Please note: All entries will be verified. Cheating in any form is not tolerated. Good luck to each of you and have fun entering the giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway *Disclosure: Lost Island of Book Reviews did not receive compensation for this post except for a free link on the giveaway form. Love2EncourageYou and the other blogs promoting are not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dream World by S.J. Hitchcock

Dream World is an interesting book following the stories and lives of 3 major people. Each of the teens is experiencing struggles and learning to cope with them.

First is Debbie. She is a witness to a horrific accident which takes her mom's life. In order to deal with the situation, she withdrawals to her room and starts to dream of her TV idol where he is a huge help in her recovery process. She begins to "see" him when she needs help. Her story is a journey of grief, struggle and forgiveness.

With Karen, Debbie's former friend, we find a girl who feels left out of her family. Her sister is the "golden child" and gets all of her parents attention. Karen feels invisible, and it seems to be with good reason. She deals with her home life and learns to relate to the kids at school in a destructive way, seemingly to gain the desired attention. Her journey relates to the notion of bad attention is better than no attention. She never really seems to find a healthy way to deal with her life.

Mark finds himself being sent to the UK while his parents jet off to a year long tour. While he is there he finds himself feeling a sense of abandonment by his parents and living life in the shadow of his cousin. He has to learn to survive and adapt to the life he is given.

This book has some good story lines, especially with Debbie's mothers accident and how she struggles with guilt and moving on. I felt this part had some real emotion and was realistic in her response to death.

To me, with so much back and forth of which story was being followed, it had a slightly confusing aspect to it. I think I would have liked to hear more about 1 or 2 characters with more depth, then trying to cover them all.

It was a good way to look at the differences in the teens and how they reacted to difficult situations however. This to me was realistic of how teens might feel and would be a good read for that age. It allows teens to see different ways situations can affect people and how relationships affect all aspects of life.

Teens would definitely be able to relate to many parts of the book and would grasp how the issues can affect people.

Disclosure: I received a free ebook copy of Dream World in order to do my review as part of the blog tour. I did not receive any other compensation. My reviews are my honest opinion and may differ from others.