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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Time

So here in Florida, sometimes it's hard to get in the Christmas mood when the temperatures are in the 70s and 80s.  I do sometimes miss the snow, but definitely don't miss the cold! The fun thing is though, that it seems everyone goes all out in the decorating to give an extra boost of Christmas Spirit.
We decorate over Thanksgiving weekend. If we could get away with it, I think we'd be one of those people decorating in October..ha!
I love putting up the tree. When my son was little, we started the tradition of getting him a ornament every year depending on his interests for that year. He has things such as Poky Little Puppy, a Clue board game, cooking stuff, karate boy,and many others. Our thought is the same thing my parents did which is allowing him to have ornaments for his first tree with his future family.

Of course, our main priority at Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus. Remembering not only his being born, but the gift of coming for us.

Here is one of my favorite ornaments! Being close to Disney we have to represent it on our tree:)

I collect snowmen decorations which are all over so for me this was the perfect combination!

I'd love to hear what you love at Christmas and favorite things!

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  1. very neat tree you have. love those beads... our i love blue color and so it's so obvious in our Christmas tree which can be shown here


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