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Monday, November 4, 2013

Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher

Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher, finds us at a dinner party to announce Diana's engagement. There's only one problem. Her thought to be dead husband arrives and life life is forever changed.

Tyson is back claiming to be a new man. He has found a relationship with God which has him seeking forgiveness and wanting to start life over with Diana.

Tyson wants her help with is running for senate, and asks her to come live with him during the election time. Diana has a hard time trusting him because of the horrible past and doesn't believe he really loves her.

When they first met, they had a quick courtship and marriage. Diana was fresh off the orphan train in need of love and security, and dealing with the sadness of losing her siblings to other families. When Tyson's father becomes to controlling, Tyson escapes by leaving home. Trouble is, he leaves Diana behind to care for his mom and deal with her controlling father in law.

Now it's the first time they've been together in 10 years. Diana immediately is returned to the hurt and pain Tyson caused her by leaving her all those years ago. She agrees to help him win the senate but then she is leaving.

Will living with him bring them to a new love and trust, or will it bring the marriage to an end again?

I was immediately drawn into this story. The story engages you right from the start. I felt the characters had great depth and were easy to love. Complex emotions allow the reader to connect to each one.

I loved how the idea of the prodical son is brought into Tyson's character. You see this in his character development, and his strength.

The story takes you on a journey of love, forgiveness and trust. You will not be disappointed. Robin Lee Hatcher has a way of connecting a great spiritual truth into a wonderfully created story making each book memorable.

This is a must read book! I'm sure it will be one I enjoy reading again and again!

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Disclosure: I received a print copy of the book in order to do my review. All my reviews are honest and my own opinion.

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