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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Christian Parenting Handbook Review and Giveaway!

      I was very thankful to receive the opportunity to review and help promote the new book "The Christian Parenting Handbook". Over the years I have read many parenting books. What I love about this book is how different the approach is and the real life practical advice.
      The initial layout of the book is a unique and intriguing way to pull someone's attention. Each chapter has a title specific to a question and helping you search for the answers. It make you feel as if you must read it.
      I really love that this book leaves the general approach of the behavior and appearance of parenting as a formula, the do it "this way" and all will be fine. What we learn in this book is that  each child is a unique and individual person, and the same canned parenting isn't going to work for every child. Much to a parent's dismay, not even every child in the same family will need the same parenting. We are shown that parenting ideas are based on God's Word not just tradition. This book does a wonderful job of reinforcing this belief.

      This book gives specific ways to form your  own plan and philosophy of parenting. Each chapter helps with the "how" part of parenting, not just the "do this". There are Bible verses throughout the book which are specific reminders of how God sees our parenting responsibility and privileges. We see encouragement throughout which is very important on the hard parenting days! We are challenged throughout the book to not only grow as parents, but also as Christians. There are some wonderful examples and situations that any parent can relate to in some way.
      Each example of an idea teaches us the internal motivation for parenting and the child's behavior. We find that our heart has great effects on our learning and the goal of parenting is not the short term obedience but the heart of the child. When we reach the overall heart attitude, we can find the solution to last a lifetime.
      As parents we want our children to learn responsibility, and this book clearly teaches that. This book is high on my list of favorite parenting books. I wish it had been around when my son was younger. I picked out things while reading that I would have done differently. I'm thankful though that in this book we learn it's never too late. There is something to learn and apply to any age.
      This would be a terrific gift for new parents who are looking to start this journey with a very Biblical approach.

Check out the trailer for the book!

Buy a print copy of The Christian Parenting Handbook between April 29 and May 5 and get a package of free resources valued at more than $400.00.  There are 8 video, audio and electronic items contained in the Bonus Parenting Package. In addition, you can get The Christian Parenting Handbook Companion Guide (This is a workbook with audio clips that will help you apply the material in The Christian Parenting Handbook.) for free if you purchase 5 copies or more of the book. You can make your purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM (Books A Million), CBD or Parable.

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Disclosure: I received an ebook copy of "The Christian Parenting Handbook" in order to do this honest review. My opinions are my own and may differ from others.

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  1. Hi Sara. I love your post. Thanks so much. I'm so eager to hear how this book is helping moms like me - we want to do the best job we can, but the day to day struggles so often catch us off guard. I hope this book will answer the "What do I do now!?!" questions we all ask. Thanks for sharing in such a wonderful and encouraging tone - makes ME want to read the book! Blessings to you and your family, Joanne Miller, author.

  2. Thanks Joanne for the great comment. I feel blessed to be a part of this!

  3. Hi Sara! You really captured the "heart" (pun intended!) of the issue with the uniqueness of this book. The heart-based approach to parenting has been revolutionary in my life. It’s helped me as a father, husband, leader, supervisor, coach, and in other areas. Behavior modification is effective if your only desire is to get your children to act a certain way. If you want to shape their character, you need to work on the level of the heart. My sons are both adults now and they are fine young men of good character. We consistently focused on the character quality of honoring others in our family! We returned home from vacation in December to find our whole house cleaned and a Christmas tree in place in the corner of the living room. Now that’s honor! This is just one example of the great insights from this special book. Every parent should have this book on their bookshelf or on their Kindle!

    1. thanks! I loved the heart approach part:)

  4. It keeps telling me to enter the image text correctly for the giveaway entry. I am. Any ideas?

    1. thanks for letting me know! I will look into it!

    2. i just tried it and it worked. I'm not sure. try again and see if it works. sorry:)

  5. Thank you for the great review. I may have to check this outmyself

  6. It's so refreshing to have authors writing on behalf of good parenting values and instruction. Sounds like a super book!

  7. This sounds like a great book. even those like myself who are not super into their religion could benefit!


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