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Friday, April 26, 2013

My "top 5" and thoughts

The other day, I had the house to myself which is a rare thing. That means one thing...I get to watch girly movies! Living with my husband and teenage son who like the action stuff, this is a rare treat.
I came across a Hallmark movie called Crush on You.  The main story to me was an updated version of the older movie You've Got Mail.  So the basic storyline about talking to someone over email, not having any idea you actually know this person and  (spoiler) finally meeting said person and realizing you already know them, is the same. But what really interested me and made my mind start thinking is some of the conversation. I began to wonder how getting to know someone through questions and honest discussion affects the future relationship.
One thing that had me intrigued was listing "5 things". Whether it's a list of your 5 favorite movies, vacation locations etc, or even basics of  5 favorite meals. How often in our busy lives do we take the time to really continue to know our spouse, our children, and our friends?
I know in our home sometimes our daily schedules cause us to have more of a "surface" level day and we focus more on what has to get done instead of how we really are and where we are at.

So, for fun I thought I would share with you some of my "5 Things" and welcome you to share back! We may not all really know each other in life outside blogging, but we all have to stick together right?
Hope you enjoy my randomness today!

5 favorite vacation spots:

1. Disneyworld (ok, now we live 4 miles from it so it's not really vacation anymore!)

2. Myrtle Beach S.C. --this is where we would go almost every year when I was growing up. I love the
                                    beach, the relaxing with a book in the sand and watching the waves. Of course  
                                    riding the waves also:)

3. Arizona-- the thrill of going on my own to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin was awesome. So many
                    fun adventures and excitement

4. Cocoa Beach FL--our first year in FL (2011) was our first year away from any family at Christmas
                                  time. We hadn't really made good friends yet, and didn't want to stay home
                                   feeling sad so we took a day trip Christmas Day to Cocoa Beach. It was so
                                  much fun to be in shorts and flip flops in Dec. Of course we took pictures to
                                  let everyone back in TN know about it while it was snowing
                                  It gave us great memories of a fun family day. We decided a Christmas Day mini
                                  trip should be a new tradition.
 5. Ireland--ok so I've never been here! BUT...some of the books I've read have been set in Ireland and
                   I could picture myself there as I was reading. It made me interested in what it would really
                    look like and be like. This is on my to do list:)

I would love to hear some of your favorite vacation spots! Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Awwww vacation sounds nice. I wanna go to Hollywood, CA and SF Bay oh and Alaska too.

  2. My favorite was/is the beach. I love all the warmth and sunshine.
    I do like disney though although I've only been once and it was on my honeymoon!

  3. oh yea, Alaska sounds good also!

  4. I live in the mountains,in the northeast... so my 5 top vacation spots are anywhere there is soft sands, warm ocean water,and lots of sunshine....ahhh take me away!

  5. As a family, we went to Myrtle Beach S.C one year. Loved it! My favorite vacation spot would be a tropical secluded resort - beach, clear waters, and someone waiting on my! :)

  6. Our whole family loves Disney World

  7. So many choices to pick - hmmm...I love where I live in FL where we can do a beach retreat weekend, or Disney/Universal parks, but I've always wanted to go to Hawaii or Aruba - at least once. :) As long as we're dreaming anyway...LOL!

  8. I've actually been to all 5 of the places you listed. I've been to 12 countries, but my favorite was Australia. I would love to live there, and I definitely want to visit again.

  9. everyone's ideas sound wonderful! I think I need a vacation!

  10. My favorite place has been visiting my husband's family in Georgia.

  11. My favorite vacation so far has been a family cruise on Royal Caribbean. We all had so much fun and enjoyed relaxing days at sea and busy sight-seeing adventures in port!

  12. Judy, my husband used to work for them:) I imagine you would see some awesome stuff!

  13. Wow - how fun to live that close to Disney! :) Our favorite vacation spot is Riviera Maya, Mexico - so fun and relaxing!

  14. Our faves are anywhere that family is, so North Carolina, Maryland, Alaska, Georgia and California. I especially love Cali because the scenery is beautiful!


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