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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grace Given by Beth Shriver

      In this book, we find Elsie and her family trying to find their way into a new community. They have moved from Virginia to Texas only the previous year. While learning to follow the changes of the community, and dealing with vandals hitting the Amish farms, they also are dealing with a family issue.  
Elsie's sister Katie left the community with Jake, and Elsie finds this especially hard because she thought their was something growing in her relationship with Jake. 

      Thankfully Elsie has a good friend in Gideon. He has been interested in Elsie for a long time and enjoys being there for her, and also hoping that Elsie will grow to love him. 

      Through circumstances with the English vandals, Elsie and Gideon find themselves growing closer as they search for the truth.

      When Katie returns, emotions run wild. In an already stressful time, we find yet another situation that requires faith, grace and forgiveness. Choices must be made and struggles met to do what is right.
Amazing story of love and forgiveness.

My Review:

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I find myself intrigued by the Amish culture and enjoy reading books which give insight into their lives and why they choose to do things the way they do. This is Book 2 in the series "Touch of Grace" by Beth Shriver.  I read this one realizing that I had not yet read Book 1. Although I plan on going back and reading Book 1, I don't feel that not reading it first caused any difficulty in understanding what was going on in this book. I would recommend reading in order though, but that's just how I usually like to do things:)
This book is well-written, and kept my attention well past times that I should have been sleeping! Beth Shriver always puts together wonderful stories and I am thrilled to have the privilege  of sharing this one with you.
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Disclosure: I received a print copy of this book through in order to do this review. My reviews are always honest and are my own opinion. My opinions may differ from  others.


  1. I like when you can read a book in the middle of a series without confusion--sounds like a great read!

  2. This looks like a great book! I've never heard of it before so thank you so much for the fab review! xo xo


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