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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Wedding to Remember in Charleston S.C. by Annalisa Daughety

Sometimes in life, our biggest struggles are in direct conflict with what we are expected to be an expert at. This is where we find Summer. She is the owner of a wedding planning business. She and her co-worker, Ashley, do a great job on the weddings, have great success and love what they do. In her personal life though, Summer and her husband, Luke are dealing with some major struggles. In the past year, they have had to deal with many heartbreaks. When they find themselves unable to communicate the depth of their grief, they find themselves pulling away from each other when they should be drawing closer.

The return of Summer's former boyfriend complicates things even more. He somehow finds himself in places where he not only can grab some of Summer's attention, but also manages to pull Luke farther away from Summer. He finds that this can work to his advantage and maybe even work in his favor.

Ashley also has trouble of her own in the relationship department. A new man in her life causes her to deal with her past divorce and work on moving past it, which she isn't sure she can.

Through the struggles of marriage, Luke moves out to handle things by himself. Luke and Summer both see this as a temporary solution, because they are still very much in love. This time apart allows for some much needed soul searching. Will this separation keep them apart or can it be the one thing that allows them to find themselves more committed than ever?

As we follow them through their struggles, we catch a glimpse of their future. When they both allow God to be the center of their lives, they find themselves able to communicate on a more heart level. They learn that God is there for them in the hard times as well as the good times.


This is book 1 in a book with 2 full length books titled "Waterfront Weddings". In this first story, was an amazing story of marriage. I'm sure we have all had relationships that have gone through struggles, and in some way can relate to these characters. I felt a pull into the story which really made me feel a part of the story. I found myself cheering for some characters, while wanting to yell at others. I feel that is a good sign when you really connect with the book.
The characters have great depth to them. The overall story not only keeps your attention, but has good messages throughout.
I look forward to reading the other story and can't wait to share with you about them also!

You can find the book on

Disclosure: I received the ebook copy from netgalley in exchange for doing a review. No other compensation was given. My opinions are always honest and my own.

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  1. This sounds like a fun read - especially since it's based in my hometown :)


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