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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little Pim Foreign Language Program Review and Giveaway!

As part of my Holiday Gift Guide, I was given the opportunity to review the Little Pim program. This is a great foreign language program geared toward children up to age 5.  There are many different languages to choose from. The program I chose to review was French. Through the program you have the chance to learn 180 basic words and phrases related to real life situations for children.
The Discovery Set comes with 3 videos (playtime, wake up smiling, and eating/drinking). You also get a plush panda and a poster where it shows how to say Hello in a variety of languages.
The videos are set up in 7 episodes broken down into 5 min intervals. This is great because it works with the knowledge that at the younger ages, attention isn't as long as older children.  The videos are full of color which is the first draw into the video. They use not only a cartoon look, but add in real children showing and using the exact things talked about. Kids love to see other kids doing something, and it makes them want to join in. By allowing them to watch kids their own age while hearing the language, they are able to create a relationship with the language and scene.
For example, on the eating and drinking video, it will show the word for apple. They repeat the word in French and English, while looking at the apple, then the child on the video eats the apple. It definitely made me want an apple, it also clarifies the word to the object which is very important when learning a new language.
From the different programs I've seen, I feel Little Pim is high on my list of recommended programs.
A wonderful program for your young child, but works great for any age wanting a clear and easy way to learn a new language! The Spanish, French and Chinese programs also available at your local Toys R Us stores!
***For being a special reader of Lost Island of Book Reviews, right now, you can receive 20% off all products bought off of the Little Pim website with this code: LPHOLIDAY. 

Now it's your turn for a chance to win a 3 pac of the language program of your choice!

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  1. I loved learning Spanish in school! My Spanish Teacher was also my homeroom teacher and she was so nice, she always had time to help us with our work. I really enjoyed reading Don Quixote De La Mancha in Spanish in her class. I don't really have a "worst" memory per say, but I really didn't enjoy having to get up an recite in Spanish in front of the whole class! =)

    1. glad you had a good experience! I was horrible at languages! Tried French and Spanish:) My son tried Chinese!

  2. I would absolutely love to get these for my daughter. I want her to learn Spanish so badly, but it is not a skill that I possess! Excited about Little Pim :)

  3. I loved learning French, every year my family would for a 2-3 week vacation and I enjoyed taking the time to actually practice with the language.( We lived in England so not as big a trip as it might seem)


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