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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I have some reviews coming up, but wanted to take time and just "talk" to my readers. With the busy Christmas  season in full swing, I'm sure everyone is busily getting ready for family celebrations.
I would love to hear some of your family traditions. What do you do to make the season special?
What is a favorite tradition?
In our family we have a few traditions we've done since my son was born and others that change depending on situations. One thing we always do is a special ornament for my son. This ornament has something to do with either something he's been involved with during the year, a favorite activity, hobby etc. One year he did Tae-kwon-do and we found an ornament with a boy doing a high kick. We did a chef mitt with cooking utensils when he was baking a lot, holiday dog, trains and such. This is special knowing when he grows up he will have many years of memories to take with him for his own tree.
In  years past, we have always spent Christmas Eve and Day with family. Last year we moved to FL and so were far from any family and hadn't really met any close friends here yet, so we decided to start a new tradition. We decided to go to Cocoa Beach on Christmas Day. For those of us from up north, that is a huge thing to do! Of course we had to put pictures up on Facebook for our friends dealing with freezing temperatures.
Now it's your turn. I'd love to hear some of your favorite traditions and how you make the Christmas season special!


  1. I love holiday traditions. I always buy my kids and my 19 nieces and nephews an ornament every year. I never thought to buy them based on the activities they have been involved in through out the year, but I did it for the same reason, so one day when they are out on their own, they will already have a set of ornaments. Amother tradition we do is I always host a cookie decorating party for the kids where they get to decorate cookies, make ornaments and other crafts. It's alot of fun and for some they make gifts for their parents, grandparents and this year a couple of the kids made teacher gifts.

    1. Thanks kelli, I love the cookie decorating idea also. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's always fun to create new traditions each year. We have some we always do and we make an effort to establish new ones whenever we get a good idea that will be fun for the whole family. Our favorite since living in FL is to go to a Disney park on either Christmas Eve morning or Christmas morning. It really gets the kids excited and the workers at Disney seem to be extra sweet in making it a magical day for everyone. :)

  3. that's a great idea Rebecca:)


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