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Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Mom Moments"

So this past week has been a week of "mom moments". I'm getting ready to start my son homeschooling for 11th grade. As much as I love how independent he is becoming and how he works on most of his school on his own, It really hits me this year how quickly it has gone. We no longer spend each day learning through games, and sitting on the couch together. Now he is in classes that fit more his interests and ones he needs my input less...which for some of them is great because I couldn't help much. For example, he is taking Chinese 1 this year through an online school. He's been working on it for 6 weeks. I can't help him at all on this! Thankfully he has a great teacher who will break stuff down and help him when needed. It's fun for me to watch him learn on his own and see the satisfaction of knowing what he has accomplished.

So after thinking on this, we spend Fri and Sat celebrating with a friend who graduated this past year and is now heading to college. Wow..this was a huge wake up call for me. It's a little scary to start seeing his friends leave home knowing it could happen with us in a couple years. I don't know what my son will do about college, work or wherever he is called to, but I know that he can't stay home forever:)
As much as I would love that.

I think as a homeschool mom it's even harder to let our kids grow up. They are with us 24 hrs a day, so we aren't as used to them being gone every day. I am thankful to have this time and to have the foundation for a lifelong friendship when my son grows up.


  1. I hate those moments of realization that our kids are really, truly growing up! It's so sad and hard for us moms. Hugs!

  2. It's certainly tougher as homeschool parents I think to "let go". I'm grateful each year gets a little easier though as I have 3 and my oldest will be "practice" to learn how to let the other two grow up as they grow into adults.


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