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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island by Cara C. Putman

This is part two of  the Waterfront weddings book.  I have enjoyed being able to bring you both stories! I felt that providing the stories into separate reviews would give a unique and special look at both of them. 

In this story, Alanna is returning home to Mackinac Island after being away for 11 years. She fled after a terrible tragedy occurred putting her brother Trevor wrongly in the hot seat of suspicion. Now Alanna's father has been hospitalized and her mom is in need of help running the family painting shop.

Not only did Alanna leave her family all those years ago, she also left Jonathan, the man she loved for many summers. When she runs into him immediately upon her return, she tries to avoid him. Her plan is to get back out of town as fast as she can. Circumstances keep bringing them together and finally she starts to relax and remember why she loved him before.

While she is on the island, she finds herself determined to clear her brothers name.  In digging up dirt surrounding a teen's death, she finds herself at odds with many people from her past.  When things come to light which affect her family, she turns to Jonathan for help. He is an encouragement to her and stands by her side. When their search turns up a murder, they find themselves not only suspects, but also in danger from the real culprit.  Together they fight to the end.


When I first started reading the story, I was expecting it to focus on weddings and romance. While there was romance involved, the story revolved more around dealing with the past, mystery and suspense. 
The story had a slow start to it for me. I almost put it down, but I am so glad I didn't. The story pulls you in to the web of secrets in a way that you feel intertwined and can't get out. This is a great story. There are great characters and the author does a great job of developing the characters into people you can completely relate to.  There are many times when you find Alanna in situations very relatable. Not only is it a great overall story, but there are many parts which make you think of what you might do in her circumstances. 
The ending will also take you by surprise which is great!  Check this book out, you won't be disappointed.

You can find the book here at

Disclosure: I received an ebook copy of Waterfront Weddings from in exchange for the review. No other compensation was given. My reviews are always honest and my own.

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