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Friday, March 15, 2013

Marie's Yogurt Dressing

Marie's Yogurt Dressing

      I was thrilled to be offered an opportunity to try out Marie's Dressing. My family loves to eat salad and dressing is a great way to make them unique. This was a new dressing for me, I had never tried it before. We always just picked up the regular stand by choices. I have to say though, that this dressing is amazing! It's a yogurt based dressing which is all natural. It offers not only the great taste, but also half the fat and calories. There are no preservatives or MSG and no artificial color or flavors. This was a big deal for our family as we are trying to become more healthy and more conscious of what we eat.
      I tried both the Ranch dressing and the Bleu Cheese dressing. They both were delicious. They are creamy and do have a yogurt taste and texture. My family loved them! 
      My husband doesn't tend to like creamy dressing but decided the Bleu Cheese was perfect with wings.  He loved how the yogurt flavor came through and the combination of it with the flavor of the wings. He was hooked!
      My son and I also enjoyed the Bleu Cheese with the wings and agreed it was really tasty. We also used the Ranch dressing for a salad. It was a perfect taste. It had a richer taste than normal ranch flavors, and the yogurt flavor went well with the salad. It would also be great as a dip for veggies. 
      It was great to have a chance to taste both of these flavors in different ways. That's the great thing about the variety of flavors Marie's Dressing offers. Dressing isn't just for salad, it goes well with many different foods. I can't wait to try the other flavors!

Disclosure: I received one bottle of Ranch Dressing and One of  Bleu Cheese for review.


  1. I have tried this dressing just recently and I love it!

  2. my husband loves the Maries Blue Cheese too!


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