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Monday, February 25, 2013

Garnier Olia

I was thrilled when I received notice from BzzAgent that I was accepted for the campaign to try
out the New Garnier Olia hair color. I have been needing to color my hair again and was excited about this new product. The first thing I liked was that it is oil powered and doesn't use ammonia. One of the worst things I think about coloring your own hair can be the smell that seems to last the whole day.
With the Olia, you don't have this problem. It really does have a nicer smell to it although you do still need to be in a ventilated room.
Usually when I dye my hair I use a light red color. This time I decided to try a little darker and picked the intense red color. It seems like it usually ends up not doing a lot of change, and I was interested in how much of a change this would do. I was a little..ok a lot...nervous. I wanted change, but wasn't sure how much of a change I could handle.
I will say that the process of applying the color while relatively easy in the tube, would work much better if you had someone helping you get the back of your hair. I found that trying to apply it to the back seemed to make more of a mess than I originally thought it would. I feel this is only because you can't see the back and while trying to take it down the length of hair, it drips.
I was amazed at the change it caused! I normally have medium brown hair, so the intense color was just that:) I liked it, just amazed that it changed so much more than other products did. I will say that my husband loved it. He decided it reminded him of Ariel from Little Mermaid and proceeded to play the music for me.
It is a vibrant and sleek color. It gives my hair a darker, richer look. I think I'll be glad when it relaxes in color a little bit. I colored it 4 days ago and have seen some change. I still have some coming out when I wash it, and the original wash did bring out the clear water.
I think I might go with a less intense red color next time, but I am hooked on Garnier Olia hair color now. If you want a great product, give this a try and see for  yourself what you think.

Disclosure: I received one box of the hair color free of charge for this review. My opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Great Review I also am doing this BzzCampaign and anxious to feel the result's, hoping it leaves it soft and shiny!

  2. The product sounds great by your description. I'll have to try this brand next time. ;) Rebecca @ Love2EncourageYou

  3. I use different reds all the time...ill have to try this!

  4. Sounds cool - I wish I had been in on this Bzz campaign.

  5. Thanks for your review Sarah. I have always loved going red too!

  6. It looks like home hair color kits have come along way since I used them! I'm not currently dyeing my hair, but I'll keep Garnier Olia in mind if I do. I like that there's no ammonia. That's important to me.


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