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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Guest List by Fern Michaels

The Guest List 
by Fern Michaels

  • Romance/Mystery
  • My rating is: 5 out of 5 stars 
 You know how when you read a book you sometimes wish you knew the backstory and how they came to the place they are at? This book achieves this. In part 1 you get the story of the family and how they deal with a daughter, Abby, who is born with a birthmark that covers one whole side of her face. Mom is unable or unwilling to deal with the child, and through the first few chapters you learn how she translates this dislike with her older daughter, Mallory, and therefore causes hateful thoughts to occur between the sisters. Because of the "imperfection" the sisters are unable to have the sweet friendship between sisters, and it shows the dynamics of a troubled family life. A family tragedy leaves the girls alone, and sent to live with a family friend. The trouble only seems to escalate and the newly married, and new to parenthood, make the decision to send Mallory away to a school they hope can help her.

You are then brought into Abby's growing up years. Although she struggles with her birthmark and the hate from her sister, the love of her adopted family has brought her joy and a feeling of security. She enjoys college life, spending time with her boyfriend and best friend and dreaming about their future lives. She is beginning to do some writing, in hopes of becoming a published writer.

You only really see the life of Abby, but can see Mallory through the family's eyes and by the mention of occasional trying of reconnecting. The hurt Mallory feels about the abandonment is apparent in her willingness to make amends with those she has hurt. You can see how both girls wish things had been different in the early years. As Abby grows older, the dynamics of the family change as Abby gains independence, and the way the step-mom, Carol, reacts to these changes. Carol becomes controlling in an effort to keep Abby needing only her. This is all too apparent when Abby begins to repair her relationship with Mallory.

Things really change when Abby graduates from college with a serious boyfriend and plans to move away. This is when the mystery really begins. There are different focuses coming together from Abby and her friends,to Carol and the step-dad Donovan, and their son. Abby is also dealing with the past, moving on and begins a relationship with her sister you wouldn't imagine could ever happen. as situations begin to unfold, you find out people aren't really who they appear to be. The girls have the growing friendship of sisters...but is it a healthy thing? through fear, trust and following their instincts, the sisters find themselves closer then ever. Will they be able to survive long enough to have their happily ever after? Will their feelings of what really happened be correct? This is a must read for anyone who likes not only the romance,and love of family, but also a good mystery where you won't know what happens till the end!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for doing this post. I am sharing this review on my own. I always try and be honest in my opinions.  

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